My Emails from Prada

I get lots of messages in my junk mail folder, mostly from unscrupulous people. Well, we all do. Some legitimate businesses try to sneak into my inbox to pitch their products. On occasion I get ads, announcements, pitches from politicians I would never support, even restaurant reservations meant for someone who has a similar name without the ability to reply. I get great enjoyment banishing them to my junk mail folder then deleting its contents.

Ah, but I have one exception. Prada. 

I honestly don’t know how I got on Prada’s mailing list. I have never bought anything from Prada although I do own one of its sweaters, a hand-me-down from my daughter Julia. I’ve had the sweater, in a soft gray wool, for years. I had to mend a worn spot in an elbow, but I’m not parting with it.

The same goes for my emails from Prada. I read what this fashion company sends me, then respectfully delete it but not relegate it to junk mail. The emails feature its fashion products worn or held, in the case of its swanky bags, by ultra-thin, very young models. I wish I could afford what they sell.

So far in September I have received eight emails from Prada. One shared info about a bag “inspired by an archival Prada design from 2002, the shoulder bag is reinterpreted with a special pairing of Prada’s iconic Re-Nylon and brushed leather.”

There was a Prada Timecapsule Drop #45, presenting the third and last shirt of a limited series dedicated to animals — this one an owl. I have had the opportunity to view a video of the spring/summer 2024 womenswear collection. 

I did miss out picking up from one of its select flower kiosks, limited edition packets containing seeds ready for planting. Alas, the closest kiosk was in New York City.

Perhaps someday if I sell enough books or one of them is picked up for a movie or TV series, I can buy something new from Prada. In the meantime, I will enjoy what it shares via email.

ABOUT THE PHOTO ABOVE: An image from a recent Prada email pitching that stylish bag.