A Lunatic Red Sox Fan

First, as a rational person, I know nothing I do at home will have an impact on the game I am watching on TV.  But I am not a rational person when it comes to the Red Sox, and on occasion other sports teams from New England.

The World Series is long over. The Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals to win it. And yes, David “Big Papi” Ortiz was the series MVP.

But as far as I’m concerned the real MVP was Wally, the stuffed creature sitting beside our TV set. Wally is supposed to be the Green Monster, the left field wall at Fenway Park. He wears a Red Sox uniform and cap. He holds a mitt in one hand and a baseball in the other. He is smiling. Yeah, he’s goofy. 

One of my daughters bought Wally for me at Fenway Park years ago, and ever since he has had a spot beside the TV. (Okay I will admit last year when the Sox management had a serious lapse in judgement to hire Bobby Valentine as manager, I stowed Wally in a drawer in disgust halfway through the season.)

But Wally was back this year. You know what happened to the Sox: from worst to first.

During the playoffs and series, I moved Wally around to bring  good luck to the Sox. On game 2 of the ACLS against the Tigers,  I moved Wally to the television’s center. Seconds later Big Papi hit a grand slam. Yes.

Sometimes Wally wears out his luck in one spot and I have to move him to another. If the Sox are doing well, he stays put.

Do I talk to Wally? Are you nuts? Of course, I do.

At one point during the season, Hank said he would build Wally an Adirondack chair if the Sox won the series. I plan to hold him to it. Wally needs a good place to sit.