Opening Act

I will be doing a reading sponsored by SOMOS, Taos’ literary group, on July 12 at the Harwood Museum. It is part of its Summer Writers Series.

I will read from my kids’ novel, The Twin Jinn, and from my adult novel-in-progress, The Swanson Shuffle. Another author and I each get a half-hour to read. I am the opening act.

As a newspaper editor, I speak in public frequently. But this is different. This is my stuff and I want the audience — hopefully one will show up — to like what they hear.

Luckily, I will start off well with an audio slideshow of illustrations created by my son Ezra and a soundtrack by my son Nate. I’ve attached a link here.

I googled “author reading tips” and got good advice. The best? Leave them wanting more. Phrasing is important, too. I should make some eye contact.

Thank goodness, I have almost a month to practice.

I posted this in June on my old blog Fiction de Taos. 

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