Treasure in the Trash

I spotted the yo-yo quilt on top of our neighbors’ trashcan set at the curb of our Boston neighborhood. Now, here was a find.

When I examined the quilt, I found absolutely nothing wrong with it. The fabrics used were from another era, with patterns and colors I only saw in vintage clothing shops. Each “square” was bordered by muslim.

And, it was large enough to reach the floor of a high, full-sized bed.

Perhaps, the quilt was mistakenly thrown out. I decided to ask. Our next-door neighbors were an elderly couple and their middle-aged unmarried daughter. They were friendly enough for city neighbors.

The two women answered the door. Yes, they meant to throw out the quilt. They were happy I liked it. And, then the older woman told me a little of its history. She and her daughter sewed it during World War II while her husband was in the war. 

I imagine the hope that went into that quilt as the two women gathered each circle of fabric to form a yo-yo and worked out how the fabrics would be stitched together. 

The quilt has since survived many moves. Amazingly, the stitching has stayed strong. The fabrics have not faded. It is folded nicely on the spare bed in my office, one of its many found treasures.


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