The Last Two Minutes

I am not a huge fan of college basketball but like so many others, I will catch most of the NCAA and NIT tournaments. Or, to be specific, I watch the last two minutes of each game.

When I was a kid, I didn’t play the sport well. I couldn’t get the hang of moving fast in a small crowd while dribbling a ball — never mind making a successful shot at the basket. But so many college players do, effortlessly I add. 

Yes, college ball, especially for the men, is big money. Just look at what the coaches make. Then, there are those kids just hoping for a shot at the pros, where the really big money is. And, of course, we have unscrupulous people hoping to make a buck off them.

But in March I push that aside. It’s a bonus if I have a college I like in the mix — usually one of the schools my kids attended. What I like is the drama of a big name school, which spends zillions on its athletic program, getting knocked off by a little one that doesn’t. The upsets. The nail-biters to the buzzer. The long shot at the end. That last two minutes.

Go team.


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