Star Gazer

I admit I am star struck. I let myself get sucked into watching all 3 1/2 hours of the Oscars last Sunday, which is frankly easier to do in the Mountain Time zone. I wasn’t disappointed. Lots of faves dressed in clothing and jewelry I could never afford. I side with the underdogs and those who have gone without an award although they are very good at their craft.

It doesn’t stop there. I go through the celebrity magazines while waiting in line at the supermarket and I am grateful my dentist subscribes to People. (I skip over the stuff about regular folk like you and me.)

When we lived in western Massachusetts, the librarian of our tiny town library made sure to look for Hollywood bios when the bookmobile arrived.

And, when she was alive, my grandmother bought the National Enquirer. She saved them for me when she was done — months worth. Yes, there was a lot of trash in there, but it satisfied my star-gazer’s fix.

Have I met any? No, but I’ve recognized a few. I saw Sam Waterston, of Law and Order, with his kids at a Japanese restaurant not far from where my parents live in Southeastern Massachusetts. I am a fan, of course, but I let him alone.

Last April, on my birthday, I watched as the actor Wes Studi released a golden eagle at the Río Pueblo near my home. A local wildlife center that helped the injured bird heal chose him to do the honor. By the way Studi lives in nearby Santa Fe, which has a colony of stars such as Shirley Maclaine, Ali Macgraw, Gene Hackman, Alan Arkin etc. Then, there are those stars who come here to make movies and TV shows.

In Taos the big, big star is Julia Roberts who has a home here. I have friends who have seen her shopping or eating in a restaurant. Alas, no such luck for me. Yet.