My Rant About LinkedIn

I am a big fan of LinkedIn. Building a network of contacts “out there” is a marvelous idea.  I’ve known people to get jobs via LinkedIn. I found my agent and like-minded colleagues that way.

But if you want to link in, you’re going to have to let me know more about you. Please.

First, post your photo. I don’t care what you look like, but I want to connect a name to a face. I am not a fan of cartoons, off-centered mug shots, animals, and photos of objects, but they’re better than that uni-sex silhouette LinkedIn provides.

Secondly, fill out your profile. Completely. Sometimes wannabe contacts will only have an occupation and maybe a tiny bit more. That’s not very enticing.

I get it. Many of the people I’m complaining about are rookies. They haven’t gotten the hang of finishing a profile. However, LinkedIn will guide you through the process. If a person can’t be bothered doing that, well, why should anyone be interested in connecting?

And while I am on the topic of LinkedIn: Connections, please don’t send me e-cards or anything else that might make me suspect you’ve been hacked.



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