Little distractions

I am lucky my writing desk faces a large window that opens onto Taos’ billion-dollar views. And then, there is its extra-wide windowsill, which contains other objects of interest.

Take a look at my photo below.

I’ve had that pre-Colombian pencil holder for years. Of course, it isn’t pre-Colombian because it says MEXICO on the bottom and I bought it at TJ Maxx.

The lobster bell belonged to my Grandmother Angela. The red paint’s a little worn but it has a nice ring, and I like its lobster shape. And, I like that it was hers. Then, there is the Donald Duck toy in early plastic, another childhood reminder. 

The retablo is a painting of Saint Gertrude, the patroness of writers, visions, mystics, and the West Indies. I found it when I moved to Taos. Her day is Nov. 16.

My husband Hank, a wood artist, made the boxes. He hand-carved the two with shapes. Their color comes from milk paint. The other has handmade dovetails.

I found the gold cat sitting on one of the boxes at a shop in Boston’s Chinatown when we were there this summer. The cat, which is made of plastic, has a solar screen that activates the arm, which is supposed to wave good luck my way. The clerk assured me it would.

The last object is a tarot card I found on the sidewalk as I was walking in Denver last fall. It’s the Ten of Cups, which I understand is a good card to get.

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