Late to the Party

I am watching the show Breaking Bad from the beginning since I missed the series when it first aired on TV. Yes, it is based in New Mexico, where I live, and yes, it was a huge hit. Friends raved about the show, and I did try tuning in but gave up. For me, Breaking Bad is one of those shows that if I don’t catch it from the start, I have a hard time knowing what is going on, or I can’t appreciate the development of the characters and plot. 

For the record, I am on season 2 episode 8, thanks to the local video store. I did see the grand finale on TV and know what is going to happen in the end but that’s okay. I like the characters, especially Walter, and the story line. One advantage: I don’t have to wait from week to week and season to season for the next episode. I can have marathon sessions in my living room if I want.
Anyway I have a pattern going. I didn’t watch Seinfeld until it was in syndicate. (For the record, George the jerk is my favorite character.) Same goes for a lot of hit shows. I guess I am not committed enough to follow a TV show or I’m too busy doing other things.
I caught onto Downton Abbey in the knick of time. I went to the video store and watched the episodes from the start until a new season began. I look forward to the next in January although the last one ended on a downer. 
Hit movies? I watch the ones I know show best on the big screen in the theater but I wait on most.
Then, there are books. Take Harry Potter. I didn’t get caught up in Potter mania like apparently the rest of the world. Now I am on the fourth book. I bought the entire series and plan to read it all. I have other similar books on my to-read list. (This year, I was immersed in the words of Ralph Ellison, Richard Wright, Sherman Alexie, Wally Lamb, Michael Ondaajte and others.)
Last week I glanced at the New York Times picks for the notable books of 2013 and realized I hadn’t read any of them. But perhaps I will some day.