Hawk Medeiros Turns 90

Everyone in my hometown of Fairhaven knows my father, Hawk Medeiros. He’s the man with the cowboy hat and the big “how-dee-do.”

My father’s first name is Antone. His parents came over on the boat from the Azores Islands and had a large family. He worked as an auto body repairman or a tin knocker as that occupation used to be called. He married my mother after a six-week courtship. They had three girls and one boy. I was the first born.

My Dad loved sports. He got his nickname Hawk because he could kick a football accurately over the goal post. As children, we spent hours each week at a park while he played softball. Later he coached kids in football, basketball and softball. He gave the players crazy names. They loved it. The town named its rec center for him many years ago.

My father liked to show off how much we kids trusted him. He would have one of us hold the football in place with a finger while he booted the ball. I never flinched.

What else can I say? He likes to wear costumes my mother makes to various town events. He keeps a large garden. He goes to Mass every morning.

And this week he turns 90. He just keeps going and going.

Happy birthday Dad.

My dad, Antone, and mother, Algerina, at his 90th birthday party. I bought him the new white cowboy hat as a gift.


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