Finding the Invisible Man Again

Pageviews for a post called Finding the Invisible Man unexpectedly took off in September. I wrote the piece exactly a year before about buying a copy of Ralph Ellison’s classic novel Invisible Man, circa 1952, in a second-hand store for ten cents.

I blogged about the novel’s significance, how it connected me to a favorite professor and her Black Literature class.

The post got some interest, but nothing like it has since this past September. It even beat out Father’s Day at the Mental Hospital.

What the heck?

Then, after a quick Google search I discovered the movie, Prisoners, features a book called Finding the Invisible Man. According to movie websites, an ex-FBI agent wrote the book about someone he believes responsible for child abductions for two decades. There is something about mazes.

The cast is a good one with Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Leo, and Terrance Howard but the movie is likely too scary for my taste.

So what have I learned? A great title or headline can generate interest. But mostly it was a lucky coincidence and I will accept that if it means a wider audience for my writing. Thank you for finding the invisible man.