Blown Away in the High Desert

The winds are here and will stick with us for a while, I’m afraid. They start mid-morning and keep going hard over through the afternoon. This is spring in the high desert.

We will have to put up with them through April, sometimes longer.

I read the winds happen here during the spring because the sun’s angle is higher so it heats up the earth’s surface. The rising heat mixes with the stronger winds up high, say up to 10,000 feet, creating turbulent conditions below.

When I look out my office window the sagebrush mesa is in motion. Above me a vent in the roof moans like a train whistle.

On one section of Route 68, where the dirt was disturbed, clouds of blew across the road. 

I want to be outside digging in my garden or even going for a walk along the old ranch roads to the Río Pueblo. But the temps are in the thirties and wind just slices through you. 

Wherever I go in town, people complain, too.

Yesterday, I admired ravens as they glided on currents toward the west. They didn’t fight the wind. They rode with it, something I should remind myself to do.


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