Acting on Faith

I’m not a religious person. I gave that up a long time ago. But I do have faith in a source, or what others like to call God. It keeps me positive and moving forward.

It is this faith that has me digging in my garden, finishing the beds today, March 30, for planting when the weather gets a bit warmer. I know it’s coming because I see and hear birds that weren’t here this winter. The buds on my lilac, currant, and other bushes have budded. Garlic shoots up above its winter cover. 

It is this faith that keeps me writing novels that have yet to be published. I have an agent who works on my behalf but I have yet to catch that all-important break. I want people to enjoy my novels as much as I do creating them. In the meantime I keep writing.

Every day I experience acts of faith, that I will reach the right person in time or events will fall in place. I am delighted each time it happens.

Today the tables were turned on me.

I buy brown rice directly from a farm in California, started by Keisaburo Koda in the ’20s. The farm, now in its third generation, has a low-tech approach to buying. I email them what I want and Keisaburo’s granddaughter, Robin, writes back how much the rice and shipping will cost. I mail them a check and they mail me the rice. We’ve done it a few times.

Yesterday, I emailed my request as usual. Robin replied today with the price and a note she plans to mail the rice tomorrow. She knows I won’t be able to mail the check until the same day. And so, I feel grateful she has such faith in me.


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