A Visit by Designer Patricia Michaels

Thursday night I watched the grand finale of Project Runway, wanting to see how Taos Pueblo fashion designer Patricia Michaels did. Of course, many people in Taos, where I live, were pulling for her all season. We love it when one of us does well outside our borders.

I planned to post a story on the newspaper’s website taosnews.com about the results. 

Patricia Michaels — Photo by Ray Seale/Taos News

Patricia, the show’s first Native American designer, came in second. (There were 16 at the season’s start.) For the finale, she and the other two designers had to make 12 looks for fashion week. She created her own fabrics and used materials such as horse hair, mica, and silver. Her collection was clearly inspired by her Native roots. 

I posted the story 15 minutes after the show ended. I figured that was the end until one of our staff does an interview with her for The Taos News’ fiber edition.

So, I was pleasantly surprised the next day when Patricia stopped by the newsroom Friday. I went to meet her and to talk about the show. She was clearly pleased by her success on Project Runway and the opportunities it will give her. She said she was about to begin work on her spring collection. 

I’ll tell you one more thing about Patricia Michaels. She’s as ever warm and gracious as she appeared on Project Runway.

Was I star struck? Oh, maybe just a little.


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