Nine Years in Taos

Nine years ago, Aug. 10, we sold our home and left western Massachusetts. We arrived in Taos four days later after a long trek in our old Toyota pickup.

It’s been an adventure living in Northern New Mexico. Taos is not paradise, as some people are quick to say. No place is without its problems. But Taos is an interesting place to live, and for that I am grateful.

Here is a sampling of what it’s brought me during that time.

hank firepit

Hank with the fire pit he and our son Zack built.

We built a passive-solar, pumice-crete home with Trombe walls — a design and material new to us. Fortunately I have a skilled husband, Hank, who continues to work with wood — and stone — inside and outside our home. We also have a helpful son, Zack, who likes to do projects when he visits. The newest addition is a fire pit of sandstone.

Our family has had two marriages and the birth of a granddaughter. There have been new jobs, academic degrees, and homes. One son discovered he’s a stand-up comic. A musical son produced a CD and now has a band. They are spread around the country and we typically spend our vacations visiting them.

I keep writing and looking for my publishing break. I have written an adult novel, three books in a Middle Grade series and started the fourth, and three books in a bilingual series (English and Spanish) for young readers. I rewrote two adult novels to vastly improve them. I launched a blog, then converted it into this website.

I found new authors to love.

I first worked as a freelancer at the local newspaper, and then was hired as copy editor, and seven years ago, its managing editor. I am part of a great editorial team that covers the heck out of this area.

I knew four people when we moved here — all used to live Back East. Now, I couldn’t count how many people I know.

I have been hugged by perfect strangers more times than I have in my entire life. Chalk it up to the Taos hug.

I know a little Spanish but want to learn more.

I handle living at 7,200 feet better.

I grow a lot more food in my garden.

And I’ve enjoyed flaming sunsets, light-filled winters, and starry skies. The view from my office window of the sage-filled mesa — if I squint it looks like the ocean — and mountains is a gift.

NOTE: The photo of the gladiolas above was taken yesterday at the Taos Farmers Market in the Plaza.