What I Learned So Far

About a month ago, I launched Peace, Love, and You Know What on Kindle. First, thank you to everyone who purchased my novel. It has been my pleasure to share what I wrote with you.

And as I’ve offered before, there is writing, and then there is the business of writing. I believe I have figured out a lot about the first part. The second? Well, it’s still a learning process.

I began connecting words and getting paid for it in 1985 when I was hired as a newspaper correspondent. Fifteen years later, I began writing fiction.

I had two agents and let them go. I received countless rejections, and worse, no responses from other agents and publishing houses.

But I still kept writing fiction. I have completed five adult novels, including Peace, Love, and You Know What, and three in a middle grade series (a fourth is in progress), and three of a bilingual series for kids. As the I Ching states: “Perseverance furthers.”

So what about the business end? I did my research before venturing into this experiment in self-publishing and ePublishing. I talked with others who did it.

I hired a great designer (we worked together at a newspaper) who created not only the cover but also the book’s layout. I set up an author page on Amazon and linked it to this website’s posts. (Still working on the video.) I let those who follow my author page, plus other social media know every step of the way.

I check my author and sales rankings daily, sometimes more. I am thrilled when they are doing well, philosophical when they aren’t.

I did try an ad on Kindle. I budgeted a certain amount for each click-through. The novel got tons of impressions, about 85,000, but only three sales. So I terminated the ad before its schedule end. But I may try it again.

I am planning a Kindle Countdown, in which the book’s price will be discounted over a seven-day period. That will begin June 8. I wisely delayed the start because currently I’m on the road and unable to spend much time on the internet.

I may look into hiring a social media outfit to promote the book. An author friend recommended one he says helped with sales. Other outfits have contacted me. I am up in the air about that. I certainly could do more on my own.

On that note, here’s a link to the book:

Of course, many people have told me they are waiting for the paperback. I understand. After working on a computer for many hours, as I did in the editing job I just left, I prefer the weight and texture of a book in my hand. Plus when I do a reading later this month, it would be nice to have books on hand to sell. Good news: Michelle is almost done with paperback version.

So what else will I try? I am still planning the prequel that I mentioned in the last post. But I need the solitude of my home office to get that done. I may release another of my novels so I have a body of work.

And I will work my darnedest to let people know that I have a book that they might like to read. Yup, perseverance furthers.

ABOUT PHOTO ABOVE: That is the view of the Deerfield River outside the future home of Floodwater Brewing, which my son Zack will be opening in Buckland, Mass.