Moving Stone

The big outdoor project this spring involved stone instead of wood, to be specific Colorado red flagstone, thanks to our son, Zack, who

ordered a pallet before he arrived Memorial Day weekend. 

Zack is our most frequent visitor. An engineer by day and a standup comic by night, he likes to do a project when he comes to our home in Taos. We are most appreciative.
Last year, Zack helped Hank build our ramada (gazebo elsewhere) because we lacked shade, an important commodity in the high

desert. Other visits, he helped Hank build our kitchen cabinets and constructed a stone floor for the back portal (porch elsewhere). Another visit, he worked on the fence that encloses our front yard, and most importantly my vegetable and flower gardens.

This year, he wanted to give the ramada a stone floor.
Yes, Zack is a helpful and generous person.
The stone was quite large, certainly larger than the load Zack brought a couple of years ago for the portal. While I was at

work he and Hank pieced together a very heavy puzzle they set in pea stone. After a couple of days they finished the job, and then created a walkway from the portal to the ramada. 

Fortunately, stone was left over after Zack returned to Boston. Hank decided to build a walkway to the front gate, but smart guy he is, he constructed a sled or skid from wood to slide the heavy

pieces from the back yard to the front. Such an ancient tool, but it was effective. He dug through the heavy, clay dirt and positioned the flagstone in pea stone.

After the walkway Hank saved the last largest stone for the entrances of the front and garage doors. I helped him slide those last two pieces — heavy work. I was impressed he moved the others alone.
Stone and wood — the simplest of building materials. And then there is the sweat equity of father and son. 

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