Division of Labor

After going at it alone for two-and-half-months, I have Hank home again. He was Back East for a good cause — helping our daughter with her new home. Hank is a skilled woodworker and a willing Dad. You should see the deck he built.

As I wrote in my last post, I used the solitude to good advantage  — writing at will. I did go to a few events I don’t think he would have enjoyed as much as I did. I gardened, cleaned, and landscaped heavily. I carried on knowing there was an end in sight.

What is apparent to me is how over the years we have found a natural division of labors.

Outside of home Hank will check the postal box and take care of those little errands such as dropping off dry cleaning or going to the hardware store. At home, he cooks Mondays and Tuesdays, my longest days at the newsroom. He hand-washes the pots, pans, and anything that doesn’t fit in the dishwasher. He cleans the cat’s box daily and makes the bed. He irons better than anyone I know, certainly better than me. There’s a lot more, and I missed his contributions very much in those months.

But then I missed cooking for him and me, which is more inspiring and fulfilling than cooking for me. I certainly missed having someone to speak with and share the details of my day. There were a couple of times in those months, I really could have used his help.

I’d say we are close, caring companions, with love for our grown children, plus similar tastes about entertainment and politics. He doesn’t garden but we do stack wood together. I wish he wore his glasses when he cleaned but he does keep things very neat. You should see all the furniture he has built for us.

It’s great to have Hank home.


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