Creature of Habit

Two is Hank’s cat. But now that he’s away for a while she is my cat. Frankly, I am not used to the attention.

Six years ago, I chose Two from a local shelter, where the cats are kept in rooms instead of cages. She came up to me right away and I told Hank, “this is the one.” He decided he needed to still look around, a fact I bring up occasionally. But though she and I have a friendly relationship, her loyalty is definitely with Hank, who will let her lie on his outstretched legs for hours while he watches TV — I can tolerate minutes — and, of course, he is home most of the day with her.

Two came with the name Dusty, which we couldn’t get excited about, so we called her Two after our two best cats, Amos and Louis, who were also black. Her official name is Dusty Two Cats. She has Burmese in her so she talks a lot, which we like. Somewhere in her history, a previous owner declawed her front paws, which is a cruel thing to do, so we keep her mostly inside although we do let her out in the front yard, which is fenced, when we are there. As I write this post, she is sitting on the Adirondack chair beside me.

So now that it’s just Two and me, I am the best friend in her little world. She greets me when I come home. She sleeps beside me and watches for when I get up, which means breakfast is ready. Two sits beside me and rubs against the back of my neck when she walks along the back of the couch. She steps over my computer keyboard to get my attention and rolls on her side ready to play the semi-dangerous game in which she play-bites me while I rub her belly. 

Then, there is the ironing board. It is her favorite spot. She comes over as Hank, who is the uber-ironer in our home, sets up the board. Despite the hot iron, she will position herself on the board, and take over if Hank would let her. Now that I have to iron my clothes, she does the same for me. I don’t understand the attraction. She has her way of any piece of furniture in the house, but she prefers the ironing board. So I’m leaving the darn thing up to make her happy until Hank returns. Two doesn’t ask too much.


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