Crooked Cat Books

At Last a Publisher

I have some news, actually really great news to share. Crooked Cat Books will be publishing my next novel — my first mystery called Chasing the Case.

Those who know me also know this has been a long time coming.

I started writing fiction in earnest sixteen years ago or so. During that time, I contacted an immeasurable number of agents and indie houses with zero success in getting my novels published. (Masochist that I am, I began feeling grateful for a personal response even if it was a no. Of course, there were the “dear authors” and worse, especially after email submissions became the norm, absolute silence. You gotta have thick skin.)

I even had two agents and let go of both.

But I persevered. I kept writing. Those who follow this blog are aware that I self-published three books rather recently — Peace, Love, and You Know What; The Sweet Spot; and Los Primos y el Pez Mágico/The Cousins and the Magic Fish. I have completed other adult novels, a middle grade series, and more in the bilingual series.

Yes, I couldn’t help myself.

Earlier this year, I decided to try writing a mystery. Actually, I’ve finished two: Chasing the Case and its sequel, Redneck’s Revenge. Like a lot of my adult fiction, they are set in the hill towns of Western Massachusetts where I live. The series features Isabel Long, a former journalist turned amateur P.I. (Here’s my last post on the topic: Getting My Revenge)

I wanted an ally in the writing biz, and so I decided to go through the process yet again of finding a publishing house. I came awfully close with two.

And then, I found Crooked Cat Books, owned by Laurence and Stephanie Patterson. I followed their submission requirements and was a bit surprised when they asked to see the whole manuscript. A couple of weeks later, after a conversation with Laurence, I was offered a contract, which I signed Monday. Chasing the Case will be published in mid-2018 in Kindle and paperback.

Well, knock me over.

So, what is Crooked Cat Books? It is a publishing house founded in Scotland six years ago. Laurence and Stephanie live now in Southern France. Laurence has worked in academic publishing. Stephanie has written romantic historical fiction. They have well over 80 authors in their roster. Here’s the link: Crooked Cat Books

Crooked Cat will handle the editing, cover design, and formatting for Chasing the Case. As for promotion, I will certainly be in the thick of it on social media etc., actually taking the lead, but I will have strong allies in Laurence, Stephanie, and my fellow authors, who have given me a warm welcome — plus their guidance on how to get it done.

Am I excited? You betcha. Thanks Crooked Cat. It all feels just right.

ABOUT THE IMAGE ABOVE: That’s the logo for Crooked Cat.