It’s Alive! Peace, Love & You Know What in Paperback

There’s nothing like a book in hand. That’s the way I felt when I got the proof of Peace, Love, and You Know What in the mail. Now it’s your turn.

The novel’s out in paperback. Just now.

Yes, I am big into digital. When I was a newspaper editor, I worked on the computer for many hours. I write my fiction that way. I keep up with friends and the news online.

I even own a Kindle.

But after all that screen action, I like looking at ink on paper. I like touching it.

I’m not alone. I have heard from people asking when they can buy the paperback version.

I hope you feel the same way, too.

You can purchase Peace, Love, and You Know What on Amazon. Here’s the link: Peace, Love & You Know What on Amazon

I’m keeping the price at $11.95, which is not a large profit margin for me, but I want people to buy the book and recommend that others do the same. Besides I am not a known name — yet I hope — in the literary world.

(And if you like reading it, I hope you wouldn’t mind giving it a review on Amazon. Thanks if you do.)

After the proof arrived early last week, I read it four times. In the process I found problems that needed to be fixed — missing words, inconsistent word usage, and a couple of other things — that I somehow missed in the umpteenth times I read the book before.

It was a relief, however, that I enjoyed the book each time I read it. I even laughed at parts.

Yesterday morning, Michelle Gutierrez, the book’s designer, uploaded the book to CreateSpace for paperback. (We will also be updating the electronic version very soon.)

She emailed me, “thanks for bringing me on this journey :)”

I smiled.

This project has been a learning experience s for the both of us — she about design, me about process and promotion. Today I got the A-OK the updated version met CreateSpace’s specs.

Michelle and I are going out to lunch to celebrate next week after the copies I ordered arrive. And, yes, we will be talking about more projects for the very near future.

ABOUT THE PHOTO ABOVE: That’s the proof copy plunked on top of books from my library.