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6Ws with Author Anne-Marie Ormsby

Anne-Marie Ormsby is the next Crooked Cat Books author to be featured on this website. Her novel, Purgatory Hotel, is on my reading list.

Writing, as she says, has been a part of her everyday life since she was a young girl.

And check out her so-called unhealthy interests.

Purgatory Cover

Here are Anne-Marie’s responses to my 6Ws — who, what, when, where, how, and why. (How does end with a W.)

Who is author Anne-Marie Ormsby?

Anne-Marie is a school HR & Finance Administrator currently living in south London, with her husband and their tiny human.

She has an unhealthy interest in movies, true crime, vintage Hollywood scandals, and cemeteries.

What does she write?

She writes whatever feels right. Purgatory Hotel which is paranormal fiction was written 12 years ago when she was in a different situation. She also wrote a novel about the highs and lows of relationships and dating in your early 30s, but hasn’t done anything with it yet. She also wrote a lot of poetry and short stories when she was younger.

When did she begin writing?

She began writing when she was 9, after reading some Ray Bradbury short stories. After that it was a part of her everyday life. She would come home from school and go to her room to write, at first by hand then on an old typewriter her parents bought her in a charity shop. Even as she got older and started a social life, she still spent time every day at the typewriter.

How does she write?

In solitude preferably, and with a bottle of red wine.

Where does she write?

Wherever she can. These days she has a toddler so doesn’t get much alone time, and after working all day, once her daughter is in bed (because she finds it impossible to write when she is around), she generally wants to hang out with her husband, watch movies and catch up on their day. So when she gets started on her next book it will be a case of locking herself away for an hour or so a night when she can. Life was very different when she wrote Purgatory Hotel, so now she will have to adapt.

Why does she write?

Because she has stories in her head that she needs to get out, they are like demons she has to exorcise.

More on Purgatory Hotel:

Dakota Crow has been murdered, her body dumped in a lonely part of the woods and nobody knows but her and her killer.

Stranded in Purgatory, a rotting hotel on the edge of forever, with no memory of her death, she knows she must have done something bad to be stranded among murderers and rapists. To get to somewhere safer she must hide from the shadowy stranger stalking her through the corridors of the hotel and find out how to repent for her sins.

But first she must re-live her life.

Soon she will learn about her double life, a damaging love affair, terrible secrets and lies that led to her violent death.

Dakota must face her own demons and make amends for her own crimes before she can solve her murder and move on, but when she find out what she did wrong, will she be sorry?

Purgatory Hotel is published by Crooked Cat Books and is available in paperback and on Kindle:

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